History of the mother company Regina Caffè

The company was originally founded in 1959 by Luigi Maghella and his son, Livio with the name Caffè Regina. Together they slowly started their first business activity and day after day, by working hard, dreaming big and building a strong relationship with clients, their customers’ base started to multiply.

When this started to happen, they thought on a much larger scale and bought their first machinery that was capable of doing 10Kgs of coffee in 20 minutes to aid them meet the growing demand of their clients.

January, year 1960, the founders, Luigi and his son Livio created the very first Regina coffee Blend.

Clients from all over the country started to like the particular taste, aroma and authenticity of this blend. With the introduction of free machinery, free maintenance, and some marketing promotions schemes given to their clients, very positive results started to show and quickly the Regina Caffè brand was on the tongue of many.

At a later stage through company growth, Regina Caffè with its unique blend started to be the leader in Brescia, which happens to be the second largest city in Lombardy and also expanding even more over Mantova, Verona and in the Garda Lake zone. Nowadays the original tradition and mastery of Regina Caffè is in the hands of the son Claudio Maghella, the manager and executive administrator of the company who is still caring all the roasting and selection process up to the delivery of each coffee blend.

Regina raw material importation is still, at this very day, being imported from regions like Central America, South America, India and Africa from places like Santos, Alexia, Cameroon & other countries. Obviously as one would expect from a high profile company, the selection process is very meticulous on the quality of the raw materials that get imported and only the finest material are chosen to make part of our stock.

After all those many hard working years building an excellent relationship with our esteemed clientele, we have the honour to say that more than 900 clients have trusted their business with us and our unique blend. By offering quality and professional service, Regina Cafe’ today is in a position to offer an excellent ‘’Made in Italy’’ coffee at very competitive rates.

This is all about quality that Regina Caffè delivers every day to its customers, without disappointments.